2006 U.S. Open Predictions?

Question:The U.S. Open is coming up, or is up (depending on when your reading this message).

Who is your favorite to win for the mens and womens? Why?


I wonder, would Archie Bunker be a lefty or a righty?

agassi or rodick...for sentimental reasons/agassi because its his last tourney/roddick so he can complete his comeback and validate his choice of connors as coach.for the women, definitely sharapova/she is so beautiful and its about time she wins another major after 2 years winning wimbledon

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Tiger woods...wait this is tennis sorry.

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Roger Federer and Maria

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Mens- Monfils Cause i am monfils
Women's- Sharapova Is a great athlete and has lots of fans in NY

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I think Murry, Agassi, and roddick will go deep but Nadal or Federer will win maybe Blake. Womens. i think Maria will win but i hope Hinges wins

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i'd really like to see andy roddick go far in the tournament 'cause he's my favorite player!! but like in the past tournament, the final will be between nadal and federer unless murray or blake creates an upset.
on the women side, it's more open but mauresmo and sharapova have a bigger chance of winning

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Federer puts on his real game in the slams and nobody is ready to take him down...yet.
On the women's side - it's a pick em!

Do you think Nadal can outsmart Federer in Wimbledon?

On the men's side, Federer has to be the pick. Cincinnati capers aside, he still looks like the man to beat. As far as the women go, I'd pick Henin-Hardenne. She's always a smart pick and looks to be on good form going into the Open.

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roger federer n kim glisters...

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In the Men's my favorite to win is Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick. Andre because this is his last tournament and I would like to see him win it on his home soil, that would be quite a sent off. Andy Roddick because its high time he followed his lone grand slam win with another one, and because I think his back on his old form, moreover I think his better than he ever was. In the Women's side my favorite to win is Andy's rumored girlfriend Maria Sharapova or the ever consistent and my all-time favorite female tennis player Justine Henin-Hardene. Maria because she is playing very well and her critics need to be silenced about how she's playing her game, they should just let her be because she is an amazing tennis player; And Henin-Hardene, because her abilities as a tennis player defies her petite stature, her athleticism is next to none, and her ability to bounce back from obstacles is amazing (i.e. from her injuries and her pull-out from the Australian Open)

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Andy Roddick, because he is playing well again and Justine Henin-Hardenne because she is having a good year, and she played all the Grand Slam finals.

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Roger Federer & Maria Sharpova

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James Blake and Maria Sharapova

Do you think andy roddick will pass nadal for the # 2 ranking by the end of the year?

well i think it will be roger who willl win is that i hope ivan ljubicic proves a shock as well as andre agassi would also like to see roddick in good form this year like to see naldanbian and blake at a good form this year but they had a bad us open this summer so

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federer and mauresmo

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Andy Roddick
Maria Sharapova

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For the men, you have to go with Federer, he's going for his 3rd consecutive US Open title, and is there anyone else out there than can threaten him best 3 out 5? Not many.he is the best pressure player out there. I discount his loss vs Murray in Cincinnati, he's the one to beat here...no question.

But keep your eye on Andy Roddick, since he's been working with Jimmy Connors he seems to have is mojo back! He could make a deep run in this US Open, he bears watching

I would love to see Andre Agassi do well, but he has a rough draw.one of the best ever, it will be sad to see him go :(

For the women, I'm going to go with Sharapova. She has a tough 1st round match vs Michaela Krajicek, but win that she should sail to the semi's. She had a great summer season, and is playing confidently going into the Open. You can never count out Henin-Hardenne, she's coming off a title yesterday in New Haven, so she'll be right there.

You can never count out Serena Williams, but she's been so inconsistent, and has hardly played this year, so who knows what she'll bring to the dance.

If this is Davenport's last Open I would love to see her do well, she's been a class act for women's tennis, and it will be sad to lose her too.

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Roger Federer
Justin Henin Hardenne

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