What are the best strings for tennis?

I have a Wilson nRage oversize, and im looking for a lot more power. I have stock springs on them, i think they are nxt's


Tennis players...what are your favorite tennis raquets to play with?

tnt fusion. its sweet and it nvr breaks, and i used to break other synthetics after like an hour and a half.

Is Maria Sharapova's game declining?

i dont know if theres such a thing but my coach said that the best is animal gut but its super expensive

Copa Telmex - Buenos Aires, Argentina - February 18-25. Prediction?

Try polyester monofilament strings to give you as best control as possible such as the babolat ballistic or babolat pro hurricane or luxillon big bangers, use a thin gauge like a 17 to give you more spin and control, you need all the control you can from you strings if you want more power because if you get any of the above strings, then have your racket strung on the lowest tension recommended by the manufacturer. This way you get the power you want sacrificing the least control possible. Remember, control is inversely proportional to power, more power less control, what good is the power if you can't control your shots.

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