Help please!!?

do you know a sports store in NYC that sells Badminton Equipment, such as the racket and that little birdie thing, i went to Modells and they did not even know what Badminton was!


Who remembers who Bjorn Borg is!?

Go to the NYC Badminton Club in NYC.
Check out
phone number is 646-271-3228
According to there website they have 3 locations in
NYC and they have a store on site.

Who is now capable to beat federer ?

Now but in California we have a really big store here dedicated to the sport. Good Luck

HOW CAN women tennis players at Wimbledon deserve equal pay - when men work+play AT LEAST 50% longer...?

you should be able to get the birdies at least at walmart

Where can i download the famous poster of girl showing pants/tennis from the 70's?

The "birdie" things are called a shuttlecock.

Any sporting goods store should carry them.

Who will win wimdledon ?

I'm sure that Walmart can sell you that. If not, try a Sports Authority.

I am confused! I have a problem! Please help me!?

You could maybe try Parragon Sports. They have a pretty coprehensive collection of sport supplies. They are located in Union Square.

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check out
phone # is 646-271-3228


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