Anyone here play tennis?

Whats a good racket to buy? I just started, and am looking for something thats a good value.


What is the origin of the Tennis score system. For example "15 Love"?

try a sports store like dunahm's or sports athourity, their sales people will help you find a beginners raquet for a deal.

What is the first name of tennis player 'Sampras'?

Check E-bay for some good racquets. There's a lot of good ones that are older models, still brand new, but cheaper that are put on Ebay. Just Tennis is one of the better dealers. Their website has a list of the vital stats on each racquet

Why is the match between Hewitt and Lee suspended?

no! but i do play with my fuzzy balls!

How do I hit top spin lob in tennis?

Get the Wilson nSix-One 95 nCode racquet. It's the onethat the Bryan Brothers use and I use it as well. It's very good. It's great for net and baseline play!

Could Sampras beat Paes in a Tennis Match ?

you Can go to for buying all the good tennis stuff on line . i found it cheaper then any where . and moreover it sponsored by "ATP tennis" . i am sure you will find a suitable racket with their comment from largest list available on net

Who is the best tennis player ever?

Try a racquet with a high power level such as the Prince O3 Silver or the new Head Metallix 10. They have a high power level but being a new model it will cost you alot. You can try a model that is a couple years old such as the Prince Thunder Rip OS which will run you under a hundred bucks now. Hope this helps.

When did Pat Cash win Wimbledon?

yes i play
if you just started you dont need a professional racket.
they are expensive and they break very often
buy only head or wilson
they have rackets for beginners made by metal with graphit
they are not expensive
don't buy rackets only made by graphite ,they are for professionals

Does anybody know any reasonably priced, indoor tennis courts in or around the London UK area?

yup i Shweta play tennis
yonex,wilson,head.prince or babolat

Why are some tournaments graded as grand slams ?

Check a Sports Authority. They should have a racket that is cheep. I have the O3 White and it is a great racket, but expensive.

Why do some tennis players grunt when they are hitting the ball?

i do.

In wimbledon championships how many boll are youse every year?

I think Babolat is nice racket for you. It isn't so expensive like Wilson but really good. You can play this racket when you begin and later when you play very well. If you want to play one racket for a long time you should play this one.

Who will be no 1 on ATP list for five years ?

i pay tennis for essex and currently am number 1 if you are just starting a babolat z-lite is a good light raquet

Nadal or andy rodick ?

go to and find a racquet that around $50. dont start drooling over the $180 ones yet until you get really good because they'll help your game. for now, get a cheap racquet just to learn the basics.

I've got the forehand down, but now im having trouble with my backhand. It usually flys into the air.?

Go to a local tennis store and ask them to let you demo some rackets. They can help you more than we can.

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