11.Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?


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the fuzz on the tennis ball makes the ball go slower. if there was no fuzz, it would be very hard to play tennis because the ball is travelling too fast. even when there is a fuzz, players are still able to make the ball go faster than 150km/hr.

also, that's the reason why players choose which balls to use before they serve. they're checking which balls have the less fuzz. less fuzz means faster serve.

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The fuzz allows the ball to better interact with the air it is traveling in, the playing surface, and the racquet. You can do a topspin or a slice or a side-spinning serve and those will be easier to impart on the ball if it has fuzz.

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so that there is something to wear down and your not hitting a bald ball.

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the fuzz creates a "bite" with the string bed so you can incorporate more spin on the ball. Top spin, side spin, slice are all possible because of this. if it was like a racquetball, the ball couldnt bite and most of the top spin shots would fly long.

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creates friction

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