Are tennis balls green or yellow?


Do u believe in astrological predictions in tennis or in any other sport?

Mostly yellow as they can be seen better on clay or a grass court

I need help. I want to be on a tennis team but i need help on strokes and serves Help Please?

I have seen both and orange.

Can you do this usta thing?

Greenish Yellow

Where to install racket string in london??


More Women's Tennis Hardcore?

Yellowish green...

Who's hotter?, Roddic or Nadal?


Mario Ancic...potential Grand Slam winner?

Ya! i saw sania have a green ball or yellow ball.
these ball's are very big. one in right,second in left.

Ideas for a tennis ball?

tennis balls can be both green and yellow i have even orange balls which r mormaly played in the dark because orange in a bright solour to see

Want to know about latest medicines for diabetics?

They can be both colors. They also have orange, blue and all of the colors that you can think of.

Why is Sania Mirza, indian tennis player too overrated?

Grenish Yellow

Tennis Star?


Anyone up for some tennis?

neon green/yellow


they are yellow but over playing of tennis balls will turn green especily on a dirty court

What is badminton ? how that cam from ?

I have pink ones... They were some kind of breast cancer fund thingy...

but regular ones are yellow, I think...

Im a average tennis player, im 15 and ive been playing for a year. how can i hit a drop shot?

The ones you see on T.V are "Optic Yellow".

Im kinda just getting inot tennis and need tips to make my serve better and my overall play better?

they're not entirely yellow, but they're not green. it's a yellow-green. it makes it easier to see and grass courts and clay courts

Who is Stronger Rafael Nadal or Andy Roddick?


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