Any tennis advice for a beginner?


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I would suggest that you join your local tennis club in your area and that you take beginner lessons for you age group. If you want, you can get a private coach, but their prices are quite costly.

Buy yourself a tennis racquet from a reliable brand such as Prince or Head. Reseach the racquet a bit before buying. Don't listen to anybody else's advice about raquets unless they tell you where to buy some good one. Don't go shopping at a Wal-Mart for some rauqets, since it's a 'jack-of-all-trades' franchise. Buy your racquet(s) online from a reliable site such as; , or buy them from a local shop specializing in sports equipement. Some racquets that you may buy may be unstrung, so get the strung someplace where they string tennis racquets. Don't start with a cheepy racquet; always use the best. You can also play against the wall if you want. There are other options such as procuring a backboard or a bungee tennis ball.

Research the game a bit. Find out the rules, the errors one can make and some techniques. Check out some libraries; I'm sure that they have books about tennis. Tennis books usually have helpful ways of helping you get the hand of tennis with just some exercises (not all books have exercises in them. I borrowed two books from my library about tennis - one had exercises and the other didn't.).

Don't spend a lot of money on outfits. Just plain gym shorts or a skort and a t-shirt will do. You can spend money on court tennis shoes. Don't mix them up with the other brand of tennis shoes since the tennis shoes for playing have white soles, as to not mark the court. If you have long hair, I would suggest you tie it in the back of your head or that you use a bandana since hair in your face is quite troublesome.

Last but not least, you can't play without tennis balls. Buy them from good brands such as Penn, Wilson, Prince or Dunlop. Don't get any tennis balls from Cooper. Buy those in pressurised cans since they will last longer, even when not in use.

I hope this helps since I'm a 1.5 player, just past the beginner level of 1.0. I just got one more advice to say to you: Don't play tennis for the money, only play it 'cause you want to. If you force youself to play it, you'll become grossed out of it, so only play it if you're having fun. Overall, if you love tennis, I'm sure you'll do great in it. Trust me, since right now, I'm playing against my wall as I type.

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yea get lessons

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don't slap the ball..push it

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try this this is not one of those biker ones is tennis promise.
you have to get a membership but its worth it especial if your a beginner

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Watch tennis games, you get input in there, one important thing is dont be discourage.

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