[K] Surge?

Question:My new racket is being shipped to me and is coming soon. It is a [K] Surge, for the [K] series from wilson. Does anybody use a racket form this series? are they good? what is ur experience with the racket?
I am a competitive tennis player and i am getting a upgrade on my racket...


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Yeah, I got the [K] Factor N.Six.one 90. It is a completely different racquet from the surge. But, from what I can see, the series is great and the racquets are made from quality materials. Should be a great racquet.

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i dont know tht much about your surge racket in depth, but i do know about K factor.

the first 3-4 K factor rackets released seem to be real K factors and the other ones like yours which just released seem to be more of money making scams. i suggest u get one of the first 3 K factors because they're real. you might want a pro down and a pro shop go test out your racket to see if its as authentic as the "real" K factors.

dont forget, ur Kfactor surge is shaped differently than the first 3 released, so that makes me suspicious..

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