Any news about Jennifer Capriati ?


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Her last big match was at the US Open 2004 semifinals against Dementieva. It's interesting because the year before she had that big historic match and tough loss against Henin in the US Open 2003 semis, and in 2004 the chance for Capriati was there once again in the semis and it ended up as another grinding and tough loss in a third-set tiebreak, this time to Dementieva. Two heartbreaking US Open semifinals back-to-back, and losing the third-set tiebreaker in both. Jen did play a bit more towards the end of 2004, but that was it and since then she has not returned due to injury. It should be remembered that these weren't just regular tough losses for Jen, but they might have been further mental scars because remember that Jen had previously been affected by her loss in the historic semifinal match against Seles in the US Open Semis (yes, US Open semis again) in 1991. This was the one where she should have won. The strange thing is that some sides say she has really been training and preparing to play again, and other sides say she's most likely not going to come back anymore.

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The last thing I heard was several years ago when she dropped off the FedCup team because Billie Jean King wouldn't allow her brother, Steven, to accompany her as her hitting partner.
The last match I remember (although she's played more since then, I'm sure) was the Henin US Open match where Justine came from behind and won the match. I think that might have been the beginning of the end for Jen. Completely unexpected loss.

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Her last big match was at the 2003 US open where she lost to Henin.
She played matches after that though, her last match was in Philidelphia in 2004.
She underwent surgery in 2005 and in January 2007 she announced that she has not given up hopes of another comeback.

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i think she is ended.

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serena williams released a this news report about the whereabout of tween sensation Jeniffer Capriati

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