After every point, is there a alloted time for the player to serve?


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"As a principle, play should be continuous, from the time the match starts (when the first service of the match is put in play) until the match finishes.
Between points, a maximum of twenty (20) seconds is allowed."(1)
The only exception to this rule is an injury timeout or umpire-sanctioned delay of game due to broken equipment, something (someone!) on the court, unruly spectators, weather, darkness, etc. If a player is consistently breaking this rule and the rhythm of the match, the umpire will usually give a warning. If the player keeps it up, the umpire will usually dock a point from the offending player's score (point penalty system).(1)
This rule is rarely enforced (or violated) in professional tennis. Some players have a reputation for dragging their heels between points, but they're almost always within their allotted 20 seconds. They just look bad compared to those that waste no time between points and are usually up to serve after 5-10 seconds.
In recreational tennis the same rule applies, but is less likely to be enforced since players usually have to spend at least 10 seconds after each point retrieving balls!

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There is a certain time period in which the player is supposed to serve.
I don't think that they put down a "time" in the's more that they can take a "reasonable" time...
The referee does take notice and can issue a warning if a player is stalling.

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1minute break 30 secs to serve

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There actually is a set time established in the rulebook (I forget if it's 25 or 30 seconds), but it's rarely enforced. Nadal is biggest abuser of this particular rule.

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Don't forget that not every point or situation is the same. If a previous point was very long and exhausting, then it's natural to give the players a moment before the next serve. Wind or clay with wind getting in the way, is another factor considered. But just the basic rule, a commentator once said that a player has 25 seconds to serve.

There are a few with a reputation of over-taking their precious time, ask Mary Pierce.

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yes the time is 20 seconds.i came to know about this when nadal was given a warning for taking too much time.he has taken almost double the allotted time on some occasions(38 seconds to be precise)

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Usually about 15 seconds.

After each game, there's a little more time.

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