Anyone know where i can get left handed tennis raquet from please.?


Who here likes tennis?

Haha! The same place as you buy a left hand snooker cue from.

Feelings about the aero pro drive racquet?

Sorry, you can't get them. You'll have to learn to play right-handed...

How to be a good tennis player?


What does the "gauge" of tennis string mean?

try the left handed shop on ebay, i get all my pens and paints from them

How can I make my backhand stronger? for all things lefthanded.

I am 43 years old and played tennis in High School. What is the best tennis racket for me now?

Get a right handed one and hold it by the other end!

I want to get rid of my old e-mail should i go about it?

What use is that without a left handed ball to go with it?

What do you think of Andre the great Agassi?

The real trick is to find a left handed baseball bat.

Want to construct outdoor tennis court in Pa. Need a site with specifications?

What racket does Federer use?

why not learn to play with both hands like Bjorn Borg?

better still why not learn to play using one racket in each hand so that your opponent doesn't know which side is your weaker side?

How to choose a good racket?

The left handed shop that Ned runs in the simpsons

QWhat are the names of Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi's children?

your havin' a bubble mate, I know where you can buy sky hooks I use them in my magic acts.

Wow how heavy is Serena Williams? How did she win it all?

are you serious ? what difference does it make if you hold it with your left hand .

DOUBLES ETHICS - when should you (or should you) over-rule your partner on an "out" call?

At the same store you purchase your left handed baseball bats (duh)

Is tennis channel in US showing the masters series in Rome and Monte Carlo?

All rackets are ambidextrous.just look at the "logo" at the bottom of the handle.i.e. a Wilson racket..if you can read a "W" then you are holding correctly for a right-hander..when you can read and "M" then that would be for a left-hander..unless it stands for "W-imp" or "M-oran" for even reading this answer back this far and actually thinking there are left and right hand rackets...

Had a chance to meet 1 tennis player who and why ?

It really doesn't matter. I don't think that they even make tennis racquet's for a certain hand they just make them for both right handed players and left handed players.

Can someone be a professional tennis player when they only start playing at 17yrs?

dicks sporting goods store

Does anyone else get blisters useing light blue Tourna Grip in the heat?

just hold it with ur left hand...DUH

What channel broadcast Tennis Masters Cup?

buy a regular racquet...
but instead of holding it with your left hand on top, put your right hand on top.
this wasnt a serious question was it?

When are the austrailian open finals?

at prolong malll in southern california, at ludhiyana sports ludhiyana ,

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