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I find it hard to serve because I just started and I keep throwing the ball backwards and I keep swinging when I know I'm not suppose to. Any suggestions on how I might improve?


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Get a bucket of balls and just practice your toss without hitting or swinging at the ball. Put your racket in your hand tho. After you get a consistent toss, start practicing hitting your serve! Eventually it will work out for you. It takes lots of practice. GOOD LUCK!

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First of all, when you start out in tennis, you should first learn how to do a flat serve. To do so, you must throw the ball slightly in front of you and hit it at the highest point of your reach. Most people learn how to serve with a forehand grip which is bad. You should serve with a continental grip. One thing you could do to practice your toss is to stand on a flat surface and stand in your serving position. Place the end of you racket at the tip of your shoes or toes and make sure the racket face is in front of you. Toss the ball with your serving motion but make sure not to do the rest of the serving motion and try to make the ball land on your racket face or string bed. This is the ideal toss for a flat serve.

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i still go out sometimes and work on my toss only.

there is that single motion of putting the ball up and slightly in front of you while coiling your legs, hips, abs & shoulders that just takes practice.

when i do this, i don't actually hit the serve, i just work on the rocking, toss & coiling. to really get good, it takes that kind of attention...

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When you lean back, do you toss the ball up at the same time?, If you do, then lean back first then come forward while tossing the ball out infront of you. It might feel awkward at first but thats what I figured out. And if you get that down, then you sould try to lean back, then toss in front, then come forward.
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P R A C T I C E !!!!!!!

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Your problem is one of coordination rather than technique. The good news is that coordination is much quicker improved than technique. This is what I do with my students who have similar problems.
1. have them throw balls in a normal throwing motion with their racket hand... this will get you used to the serving motion for your right arm which is no different to throwing a ball
2. the key exercise: have them do a normal full service motion with a normal ball toss from the lefty and instead of a racket in the righty, take another ball and try to throw it at the ball that you tossed with the lefty so that they clash in mid-air. Do it several times until you start getting the coordination of both arms moving in opposite direction.
3. time to take your racket back in your hand and hit some real serves.

Good luck

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Practice, practice, practice. make sure to throw the ball HIGH and a lil in front of you...it works!

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Well about throwing the ball backwards, stand in an open space and stretch your arm out. Move your arm up, like a lever, but not too much, or it will go awry.

Swing as soon as you throw it up. Hit the ball at the top of your reach and bring your racket down to your waist. Make you snap your wrist to put some spin and make the hit more precise.

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what i did when i first started was stand where you are going to be serving and put your racket out in front of you. toss the ball, it should hit your racket. try to get it to hit 10 times in a row. remember that when you are tossing the ball hold it with the tips of your fingers so it doesn't spin to much. when you get better you should be able to read what is on your ball when you toss it. before you try to swing at the ball stretch your arm up while you are holding the racket. look at that place for a bit so you know where you should be hitting. don't try to hit it with all your strength, you need to try to hit it gently and then gradually hit harder. good luck.

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don't think about it, just try to throw the ball forward and then just thump it. over time it will come good.

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When i first started i remember having the same problem. A good way to practice your toss is to put your raquet on the ground in front of you alined with your foot. do the serving motion and try and make the ball hit the raquet. Once you have gotten better at that it will be easier for you to hit the ball with your raquet. remember when throwing the ball, you should reach up and throw the ball about as high as your raquet will be when you serve

good luck!

If you need some who cud help to get me an affordable coach to learn this sport ..?

private lessons helped me a lot.

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