Any advice to hit a topspin forehand?

I know the basics, but I am having a lot of trouble using it in a rally. When I try, it usually shoots up and goes way out. I am getting frustrated... Thanks!!


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yeah, make sure you step into it and brush up on the ball, make believe theres like a vertical pane where the ball is and you cant go past it, you have so move the racket straight up, but make sure you're moving into it. You might also being hitting it to late by the sounds of it, make sure you get the ball in front of you.

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Try bending your knees a little bit more, and make sure that you catch the ball early and with an upward motion (flat though). A lot of people have a hard time keeping the raquet facing the ball instead in angling it up. If this doesn't work you can try using a different grip to compensate. Bend your knees though...that usually solves the problem.

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Change your forehand grip. Hold your racket like a panhandle, then rotate it like 30% toward you until your index knuckle is not on the flat part of the handle anymore. It will feel weird at first, but trust me, it works. Oh and if you use this grip, you must swing full force with mostly your shoulder and upper arm or else you will hit the net every time. If this is too complicated, just use the pan-handle grip and watch how you hit the ball. Make sure you are swinging with your racket vertically in relation to the ground, in other words, your racket should be perpendicular to the ground.

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The best advise i can give you is make sure you're holding a more south-western grip, in other words make sure your grip is slightly tilted in, And completely follow through with your shot. Also when making contact with the ball your racket needs to speed up at the end of your shot not the beginning. I'm probably not very good at would be easier to show but, but if worst comes to worst ask a pro.

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just make sure you brush up, try to go for a 45 degree angle and once you get better, start to increase the angle, plus i would practice the shot before you rally with it, but once you get it down it rocks, mine is so good that it always lands far back and bounces extremely high so it is hard for my opponents to hit the ball.

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