Anyone else think Nadal resembles a stereotypical redneck?

Yes, we all know that he has bulging Biceps, but so do many other tennis players. Where I come from, we always viewed people with Mullets and sleeveless shirts as being big time rednecks. If Nadal wants to make his hick image complete all he needs to do is start racing TransAms when he's not playing tennis.


Are there any Pete Sampras lookalikes??

Yes, let's examine your brilliant question, as I never before noticed all the similarities between Nadal and "Larry the Cable Guy"...Yes, they both favor sleeveless shirts, but you may want to consider that, at age 20, Nadal already has::

The absolute heart of a champion
(Already) won the French Open twice
Defeated the best in the world (some say the best player ever) 6 out of 8 meetings
Set the all-time winning streak for consecutive clay court match wins (still going)
Handled himself with incredible grace, and even deference, toward both Agassi and Federer during Wimbledon
Is doing a good job in English-language interviews, while learning the language, and showing intelligence and thoughtfulness in the process.

In other words, if you can't see even a little of the special talent and qualities this kid has in abundance (and there aren't many "hicks" I know from the island of Majorca), I feel sorry for you!

Why do you think agassi could not defeat benjamin beckar?

he's not even American, you're an idiot.

On Nikes usually they have a hole on the tounge for the laces, would u use the hole?

What are you talking about?

How do you generate more speed on your serve in tennis?

Yeah sure do you even know what your talking about? That's very rude and ignorant. Nadal is awesome!

Does anyone when is the second round US OPEN match Francesca Schiavone vs Sania Mirza ?

Stupid question! Get a life, Nadal rocks!

I need a report on billie jean king some famous tennis player?


How did tennis scoring love-15-30-45-game come about?

A. He doesn't have a mullet. A mullet is hair that is short in front, long in back. Nadal's is just long.

B. He doesn't have a choice about the way he dresses. Nike, being his sponsor, tells him what to wear for all his tournaments.

What does a good traing regiment for tennis consist of?

your being quite ignorant saying he looks like a redneck...what you look like doesnt classify someone as a redneck...if so what would people classify you as?? not all rednecks race,have mullets and sleeveless shirt...if i wear a sleeveless shirt does that classify me as a redneck? what you said made you sound really dumb.

Can anyone help me with a URL to a site from where I can download Wimbledon Draw 2006? Tried official site.?
check this out... its hilarious

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