Are the racquets from big tennis websites like tennis warehouse or tennis express pre-strung?

I've always been wondering if the racquets in those websites are pre-strung because if get it strung by someplace else it might not have the design. So please tell me are they pre-strung!


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Your question about stringing depends on where you buy the racket. Consider this list I make and and it will help answer some of your questions. 1. Usually only the cheaper model mass retail market has their rackets pre-strung (this means strung by the factory.) 2. Most advanced players do not want their rackets strung by the factory because the string choice and tension has a big role as to how a racket plays. Ex. Rafael Nadal has recently said that a tournament ran out of his normal string and used a different brand, he said he was missing his shots by at least three feet. So he had someone go to tennis shops to locate and buy his normal string. 3. When you buy a new racket from a place like tennis warehouse, they will usually string the racket for free with Wilson synthetic gut 16g for free. This string does not last very long and is only average at holding its tension. So most buyers pay a little more and upgrade to a better string. If you want string recommendations you will have to email me. 4. You will also want to make sure you are getting a racket with the correct grip size for you and use an overgrip so you preserve the bevels on your original replacement grip. 5. Tennis warehouse will actually sell you the stencil of your choice along with stencil ink so you can apply the logo onto both sides of your strings just like the pro players have. 6. If you are asking for a not so common logo, you may need to ask them for the company phone number and usually someone there will have a stencil to sell you, but the ink you will likely need to buy that from tennis warehouse or Holabird or other tennis specialty shop.

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when you order a tennis racket, you are sometimes eligible for free stringing, especially on the more expensive rackets. But when you are at the checkout it will ask you if you want unstrung or you will have a variety of choices of string.

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Just because a racket is prestrung on one of those websites doesn't mean that it will have the wilson W or the prince P painted on the strings. You may have to do that yourself, but you can usually get the paint and stencil for pretty cheap if not free from some companies

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