How do i take care of my speedo?

what's the best way to take care of my speedo after use? I swiim twice a day for five days a week.


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soak in cold water for around 30 minutes so that you do not ruin the material, wring out, and let it helps if you have at least two speedos so that when you swim the first time of the day it will not still be wet when you have your next practice and this helps expand the life of your suit .

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You need to wash it and air dry after use to remove the pool chemicals. If you are swimming twice a day it may be more convenient to wash it after the second session.

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Unless you have a second hand speedo, I don't know why you never read the care lable.

Most bathingsuits tell you to rinse it out right after use, and launder it regularly. In your case I would rinse it after everytime you swim and launder it everyother day. Just make sure you do a through job rinsing it.

Your best bet would to get another suit, so the one doesn't get so worn out from repeated washings.

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NEVER machine wash it and let it dry after you use it. if you are on a swim team and the suit becomes to lose use it as a drag suit and get a new one.

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let it soak in the sink in cold water for an hour or 2 and then take it out and put it on a rack to dry. if you dont wash after every swim it will get worn out faster and it gets kind of see through.

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I swim that much too...maybe more...what I do is soak it in ICE COLD water. It keeps the material like new.

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