Do you think this is right?

Question:ok so every day in girls athletics (p.e) we have to run half a mile with in 5min. 30seconds. and if we don't' get it, we have to run another lap, and we get a 70 as a daily grade. do you think that that is right? i don't. what about the girls that can't run that fast? and is they can't, they get punnished. it's not their fault.

do u think it's right?


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That sounds a little extreme for gym class. I'm all for physical fitness, but I think that there are some girls (and people in general) who just cannot run that fast; they need to pace themselves. I think that if someone didn't run the half mile within 5 1/2 minutes but they tried as hard as they could, they should not have to run it again and their grade should not suffer.
I think that your grade in gym class should reflect your effort.

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Well, girls are supposed to be able to run the mile in 10-11 minutes, but I agree that it is not fair for those who can't do it. What helps for me is I pick another girl in the class I know can make it in that time limit and I match her pace. When she runs, I run; when she walks, I walk. Its hard, but it works if you push yourself and you wont get punished. I think that the people who don't try should be punished but if you put in the effort you shouldn't be docked points.

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Personally I find that to be a form of discrimination. Who's to say how fast a human should have to run. No one. get together with others at school that feel the same way and stick up for your rights to be treated with respect instead of humiliation.

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Your totally right. it's not there fault there not fast enough runners and then the fact they get punished for it to is just going over board.You might want to tell the coach how its not fair and that he/she should do something to help. I recommend trying to take it step by step like doing a bit of a run and then another time going a bit more farther and the girls in the class may end up adjusting to running fast.There is another way if he doesn't agree. It may not seem like much but it does help. At home the girls that are having trouble should jog or run for a reasonable length and time.Hope my info helps you and your friends.

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no way! try talking to your principal or someone else who has power over your school. maybe they can help

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I think that does sound a little extreme. Im not trying to stick up for it or anything, but I think that they are trying to be more strict in gym these days b/c more ppl are overwieght. But it does seem a little unfair that it would drop there grade that much. If you really have a problem with it my best advice is to get a bunch of girls together and have everyone sign a petition. We did that at my school forsomething that sounds similar to this and it really made a difference! I hope that this can help you and good luck in gym class!

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that is so easy i almost ran a mile in that time at that age(6:30). If they cant run it then sucks for them.

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If I could walk a mile in 12 min. at age 50 you better be able to run a 1/2 in Geeez 5 whole minutes! If not you are very out of shape for a young young person! I think it is more than right that they run it, otherwise their parents need to be notified that their child is verging on dangerously low physical capacity!

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I actually missed my ride the other night and ran in pouring rain, freezing cold weather, and heavy winds. Holding an umbrella!

Just did the calculation. Apparently I ran 1.7 miles in 20 minutes. I'm almost 40 and not used to cardio. So the expectation that you run 1/2 a mile in 5:30 is hardly unreasonable.

On the other hand, I oppose punishing people for not being able to keep up. They should either extend the time for everyone or that girl's mother needs to get her kid a PE waiver. My mom was cool enough to do that for me all through school. I wasn't a fat kid though and wasn't allowed sweets.

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Honestly, you should be able to do that, and if you can't you they are doing the right thing by getting you into shape. A mile time of 12 minutes (which would probably be the equivalent of 5 1/2 minute 1/2 mile) is in the 35th percentile, which you should definetly be out of in order to be healthy

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Gym in school is a waste of money and resources if a students wants to pursue a sport or physical activity that should be their own choice. After all this isn't Sparta or Rome ,besides I think the whole p.e. school thing has to do with the government trying to create some sort of nanny state.

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If there are standards in english, math, science and history that must be met tha why not gym class? It's about time someone actually stepped up and made students TRY in gym! That time is hardly unreasonable and if you can't do it, maybe you should "study" for it by practicing at home. I always thought making me learn math was a waste of time and "unfair" since I hate math and am no good at it and this is no different. Math is good to know but won't keep me from having a heart attack. Whereas teaching healthy habits and promoting physical fitness WILL help me live a better, healthier life. I think this idea RULES and should be instituted in far more learning environments!

HOWEVER - the boys should certainly be made to meet the same standard as the girls. That's a bit skewed but the idea in general is fabulous if applied ot both sexes ( =

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that really doesnt seem right at all
People shouldnt be punished because they arent athletic
That isnt fair not everyone is good at running

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IT's deffinately not right. You might have like a parent right a note or talk to the coach. Thats what my mom does when she is not okay with something. And if that doesn't work then you might try having your mom talk to the principle, because gym class is for fun and personal fittness. Not Do it as good as everyone else and if you don't your grade goes down.

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No not right at all.

I think that people these days get carried away in being the best. And it's easier for girls to be treated that way. I also think though that it's not worth winning if you don't have to work for it. That's a bit unreasonable of an expectation, so my advice to you is keeping working at it. And eventually you'll get it. As for the rest of the girls that things don't just get handed to them on a silver platter (me included) I hope you all find your courage to do what it is that is inside you!
Let's keep things positive girls!
Girl Power All the Way!

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it seems too much

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ummmmmmmmmmmmmm thats not that fast butt if its every day then it haz 2 suck good luck w/ that

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Maybe if it was for a high school class I'd say that's not too bad but for a sixth grade class that is a little much to ask for.

I remember being in 6th grade and a lot of people couldn't run very well. I remember my best mile time was about 9:30 or so (which would still make that time cut but I am a guy, a girl comparitive to me would be pushing that mark). It seems kind of unfair but it could be worse.

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