What temperture should a swimming pool water be?

At what temperture should pool water be to be comfortable enough to swim in?


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The answer is... There really is no answer. It depends on what you feel comfortable with. Based on Averages Pool Water that is anywhere between 78-82 is comfortable. If you plan on swimming laps or plan on being active in the pool, the cooler the temperature the better off you are so you dont feel as hot in the water. Ideally you want it to be comfortable, but not hot. If you want Hot, you should be getting into a hot tub. That's what they're designed for.

Swimming pool heaters can only heat your pool so high anyways. With the given surface area of your water, and the heat exchange between the water and the air, you will never get your pool water to feel like a hot tub. Remember too, that if your pool is currently 60 degrees and you want it to be 80 degrees, you will have to run your pool equipment and heater for about 20 hours to get to the desired temperature <it is on average about 1 degree an hour for a standard pool of about 30000 gallons>

Bottom line is keep it comfortable for use, but also consider some things:
If your outside temperatures are dropping into the 40's or 50's at night, and your pool water is up to 80, you will lose some water every night to evaporation <it could be a half inch or an inch... not really alot.. But over 2 days or so you will have to start adding water..>
If you have to keep the water temperature up to a higher level, you will be using the heater more, as well as your pool pump, so Cost might become a factor.
Warmer water is also more prone to chemical imbalances, and require more maintenance and upkeep than water that is colder. (chlorine in colder water lasts longer than in warm water) Which means you could be spending more in chemical costs.

Hope this helps

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100 Celcius

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50 degrees

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above freezing

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well it just depends on what you want.

At the pool I work at they keep the water temperature between 75-85 F

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about 75 degress

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That all depends on the person, but I would say around 76°

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my guess would be atleast 85 no higher than about 98

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Depends on what you like. I like swimming pools that are in the 80's. But some may prefer 60's to 70's, like my parents.

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I think temperture 30 is good.

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60-70 degrees, whatever temperature an unheated pool chooses to be. Heating a pool can be an expensive proposition.

How MUCH swimming you plan to do will determine the comfort level. Having a heated spa connected to the pool makes it very nice.

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It's really a matter of preference. We enjoy ours at around 80 deg. It's refreshing but not chilling.

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cold enough to make it a fast pool and a pool that you can practice in without getting hot!

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About 80 is good. Much hotter and it's really hell, trust me. My pool is at about 60 right now, and it's quite painful, numbing even.

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The temerature you feel comfortable in!--
since our body temp is 98.4 degrees F, the pool should be maintained at around 100 deg in winter, and around 90 - 95 deg in summer, when we want to feel cool!!

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* If your child gets cold easy, please bring a lightcolored t-shirt to the pool
* If your child is not potty trained, they must wear a swim dipper (cloth or Little Swimmers).
* Pool Water Tempature is usually about 83 degrees
* Please do NOT feed your child 30 minutes before swiming.

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The temperature should be around 82-86 F. The 4 degrees difference does not seem much, but you can feel the difference. I manage at a pool, and the guests sometimes complain when the water is at 82 because it feels a little cool. But after moving around, it will feel warm.

Depending what activity you will be doing in the pool. Swimming laps in a 85-degree pool will be too warm because you body will heat up from excerising. 82 degrees will be the ideal for swimming laps, and 85 would feel comfortable if you plan on just hanging around in the pool.

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