Girls who swim, what do you do when.?

What do you when you get your period? Do you use a tampon? If so, what brand do you recomend? And, what do you think the minimum age should be to wear one? Is there any other way to swim without using one?


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Use a tampon. Any brand is fine, and any age is fine as long as you've started your period. You just need to learn how to insert it. I use Tampax. If you're just starting, you should start with Juniors or Lites.

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yes, you pretty much have to wear one to swim
get the ultra slim ones. ( or light absorbency) i always use tampax, but i don't really think it matters

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Playtex sport tampons.

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Yes, use a tampon. It is fine to use a tampon at any age, just change it at least every 4 hours when you are not swimming or right after you finish swimming.

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I recommend tampax pearl. thats my fav. you could swim without one, but then you risk blood coming out. tampons are not that scary. I was scared to use them, then I did and turned out that you can't even feel them once they're in unless they start to come out. by the way, I'm 24 now been using them over 10 years. I swore off pads. Good luck!

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Eww. I don't think it's a good idea AND it's not polite to wear a maxi pad in the pool. Do you want to be swimming with a kid who has a regular diaper on? Yuck. We dont have to go there. I think if your Mom and you are comfortble with you trying tampons than thats prolly what u should do. I'm 13 and I dont use tampons yet. I just stay away from pools when I have my period.

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I go swimming using a Tampax...I think it's better than O.B brand because it has the applicator.
There is no thing such a minimum age, you can try with the smallest ones, are easier to put on.
Otherwise don't go swimming

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In pools, you should probably wear a tampon. In large lakes or in the ocean, it is up to you. (Only you would be able to tell) Whatever you feel comfortable doing. I started using them when I was around 16. Before then, I just avoided the pool on those days. I would recommend you talking this over with your mom, or older sister or older female you feel comfortable talking to. They can help you a bit better with the subject than a stranger who doesn't know you. Good luck :-)

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yes i do i use the sport ones that open up 360 degrees and those work great

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Um yes you should deffinately wear a tampon when swimming. I use tampax compact kind!! The minnimum age is whenever you start your period!!

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When I get my period I make sure I put a new tampon in so that it wont seep out if the flow is strong. The brand that I recommend is Sport because they are very comfortable and move with your body and when you are swimming you cant feel it like other brands. I would personally die if I couldn't wear a tampon at swimming because if it is strong it would be embarassing but when It is not it stops when it gets wet.

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If you swim competitively try the Playtex Sport ones. I recommend changing it a little more often though. I swam for years and I always had to change it a little more often on days of long meets. But you should most definitely use one when you swim. And talk to an adult you can trust before trying to use tampons for the first time.

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yeah tampons area swimmer chics best friend
i recomend tampax sport
as for the minimum age thing
i dont think so
um other then that
if you dont feel like wearing one
you could just skip for a week

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No, I'm sorry there is no way, not to swim without them, but the best tampon is to use for me, is playtex sport kind, they work great, and don't hurt at all!

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