Where does mike phelps attend college?

the gold medal swimmer mike phelps


When is the best time to go malaysia?

michael phelps goes to University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, but he can't swim for them like everybody else said because swimmers who have contracts with speedo or another company aren't allowed to participate in NCAA competition

Wen girls wera lyered dresses why to they tou they layers and play with them?

By the way he racking up the records, I would say the school of blood doping and he majors in steroids.

Can you swim in a tank of liquid cow poo?

University of Westchesterlittletownville. Or UOW as we call it.

Is there a lifejacket that will not ride up on you in the water?

I believe he goes to michigan, following his coach from baltimore aquatic, however, due to the fact that he is sponsored by speedo, he isn't allowed to swim for the team.

Do you think swimming is stupid?

its micheal phelps and he goes to michian university but isnot allowed to swim on the team since he is a pro swimmer. his coach eather follwed him or he followed his coach

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