How many meters can you swim without taking a breath?

i can go 50 before i breath


What is the best stroke??

yeah, i got about 50 before, when i was swimming in highschool...i dunno now...

Eliminate chlorine from skin?

Okay I got 10,000,000 BEAT THAT!

Most person who can hold thier breath underwater?



Training to swim the channel how long shud i train?

uh,I don't know,10 maybe, i never counted

If you jumped out of the twin towers what kind of dive would you do? A swan dive or a triple-lindy?

As far as my water filled lungs will let me

What do u girls think about male's swimming in a girls one piece?

As far as you can.

Is it possible to cry under water ?

i've gone 75 underwater

Where can i learn to do water workouts for cardio training?

100 underwater...

How is scuba diving on Cuba?Pelagic? Coral bleaching?Only boat diving or also shore diving?

well i can go 130 meters UNDERWATER....only

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