I love my camp but i hate...?

Question:i love my camp and i love swimming but i cant dive. the levels for swimming are:
rock (sinks like a rocks and doesnt know anyhting about water.. age range 6-7)
minnow (learning how to swim ages 7-9)
fish (swims rally well but still needs help a little ages 9-12)
flying fish (doesnt need help, has to compete with other camps, HAS to dive ages 13-15)
shark (can become a life guard ages 15-18)

i will be 13 before camp starts. that means, when i take the swimming test, i will be laughed at if i cant dive. all my friends can. i dunno but theres something that cares me about going head first into a lake or pool. HELP!

-carrie bear
( )_( )


Games for swimming lessons?

learn to do it in a pool , that will help

How does a swimmer get a good lung of air without swallowing water while freestyling?

All i can say is put both hand above your head and jump in head first. Keep practing. If all else fails ask a councilor to help teach you.

What is a virtual pool?

if you really, really want to learn how to dive, ask your parents to find a high school or collegiate diving coach to help you out with the basics for one or two months. that's what helped me the most when i switched to diving my senior year of high school. otherwise, gymnastics would help. even jumping up and down on a trampoline xD

like that person said ^ keep your hands together arms clasped against your ears so you don't enter the water head first and strain your neck

How many gallons of water does it take to fill a 3 feet swimming pool.?

first start by try diving until ur comfortable with it then try all of the four strokes backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle. ounce u got those down try swimming long distances. practice makes perfect

Anyone have games that i can play in my pool with brother and sister?

practice,learn,try to do it in pool. that will help you

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