How do I teach my cousin how to swim?


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Depending on how old your cousin is... If he/she is about 3 to 4 i can help. I am one of the top swimmers in the state of Illinois and i didn't even put my head under the water until i was 7 years old. The next summer i joined a swim team, got high point, and got 4th in state in my age group.
The first thing you want to do is to get them confortable with the water. You can't focus on learning if your scared. Always statrt you lesson with blowing bubbles, then move to "listening to the fishes" where you hold there feet and they put there face in the water and to take a breath they must turn there head to the side and keep there ear in the water. Then after these two steps go into a new acticity. NEVER SAY DO YOU "WANT" TO DO THIS! Always say "Ok now were going to do" this way they won't just say no and then start a fight. In the begging of your lessons get your cousin to kick on a kickboard ( if u don't have one you can buy them at any sports or swim pool store near the water toy section) make them have there hands at the end of the board and have there face in the water. tell them that when they breathe to listen to the fishes and keep your ear in the water. do this for about 5-10 minutes more if your cousin is still have probelms with the concept.
The next drill is the arm dril in this drill you will need a noddle. In this drill you put the kick in with the pulll to form the basic freestyle. Have them kick and do stokes reminding them to listen to the fishes. Move on to the next level after they have mastered this one.
Finally take the nooddle away and put your hand beneathe them to give them convinced and tell them it is time to swim and see how they do if they have probelms with the kivking breathing or pulling go back to that drill again.

Hope I helped

Do you think this is right?

all u have to do is tell them to move their hands and feet

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All you have to do for your cousin to learn real fast is throw them in a deep part of a lake and tell them to swim to shore or they will drown.

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