Okay, okay...I'm just about to go swimming. What's more annoying?

Question:a) The people that get in your way when you're trying to do lengths
b) The man groping the woman and giving you dirty looks even though you're not looking
c) The people splashing you constantly
d) The people touching you constantly
e) Me, for wearing lime-green swimming trunks?*

* Only put answer (e) if you are a dork.


Swimming in open water, safety suggestions?

I would have to go with "B". People who think that public pools are for sex make me sick. It's bad enough that you're bathing on other people's germs, much less thinking about swimming with some stranger's sexual excretions! YUCK! I'll stick to my bathtub.

Pool Party Ideas.?

c. and if you tell them to stop they do it anyway. then you splash them back really hard, almost making them bleed or something. lol jk

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Should i wear a jockstrap under my speedo??

I always swim nude. So they that keep them away

Is there any cream used before swimming to avoide darkening of skin?


How do I keep my swimming pool algae- free and clean?

Well I must be a dork then because if I was at your pool and saw you in lime green trunks, that would be top of my "most annoying" list! And you'd be an even bigger dork for wearing them!

What is the best season for diving and snorkeling?

Actually the answer would be
f) Kids pissing in the pool

Scientific Diving for Underwater Archaeology? (Prefer Great Lakes suggestions.)?

if it means i am a dork oh well, the price i have to pay to not see you in a lime green trunks

Why do they call it the elementry backstroke in swimming?

If you find swimming at a public facility that annoying...build your own lap pool.

For which nes paper does Carole Malone work that was in Big Brohter?

f) People who go swimming to get themselves clean. Your picture looks like one of those.

Embarrassing moment in a speedo?

i reckon (f) the fact i cant swim!

What are the best swimming styles to loose weight?

a) I find that very annoying - if you can't swim fast, don't go in the fast lane - they are marked for a reason.

I really want to put e) as well, dork or not, I can't imagine that the sighte of anyone in lime-green trunks would be anything but annoying - yuck!

What can i do to help with my breast stroke and freestyle?

This is more annoying. Floating Band-Aids, fat people kissing in really small bathing suits, little kids acting like spazs everywhere, women who decide to go to the pool and not shave, men who have erections at the pool (only if they are ugly). But I will pick B.

Question for swimmers about video games?


What are zero-entry pools?

Definately A. If the parent's weren't spectating I swear I'd try and drown them!

Which side of the mushroom will make me small enough to dive into a cold can of caffreys?


Swimming lotion?

I,l tell you whats annoying im sitting in a baking hot bunker and some dude tells me he,s going swimming

I want to switch sports??

f,) some lime green trunk wearing GIMP with a list of gripes about swimming

Is swimming hard to learn?

It's a toss up between A and B.
C doesn't matter because you're going to get wet anyway.
D kinda goes along with A
E who's business what color you wear? Personal choice !

When doing a racing dive, or a dive into a water, how do you keep your legs straight and pointing up?

all except e but i also don't like people who swim like they are in the olympics and nearly drown everyone else and have no consideration. think they should go to private pool if they are there to train at that standard. i'm a good swimmer and do thirty lengths easy but look out for other swimmers and keep to the lane directions. i don't overtake if it's not safe either.

Is Snorkeling With Glasses Possible?

the ones that bug me are the people that get in your way. ive never seen b) lol. i cant stand people splashing me! the touching thing.depends HOW theyre touching me lol. and yeah i guess im a dork..the trunks bother me! and what about f) ? the people that cant swim and use you as a floatie? damn...i HATE that! my cousin cant swim even if her life depended on it! a couple of months ago.we were swimming in the pool.and so i went in the deep end .she wanted to follow.so yeah...she began to drown...i try helping her and she gets on top of me screaming! I was like "what the hell is going on?" instead of her drowning ...she was drowning me! and the worse thing.when it was all over ( i had to hit her to break lose) i pushed her to grab the edge of the pool...and i realised one of my boobs was popping out of my top.it was horrible.so i think you should add the f)people that cant swim and use you as a floatie. : )

How do I get rid of shoulder pain when swimming?


Is it ok to swim in cold water right after running a half marathoon?

surely B is wrong as if you say B then you clearly are looking so the guy has a reason to be knarked at you?

i would say A
but hey i wouldnt mind a bit of D!

Where is a good place to purchase an Indoor Pool Audio system aerobics (not underwater system)?

a) oh so definitely!! I hate that! I must admit it's not so bad at home in England where people knowing the art of queuing, whether in the post office or while swimming, but I'm in Spain at the mo and they truly do not have a clue even when the pool is sectioned off for lengths! As soon as I've pushed away from the wall the person behind me does so as well and there is less than a metre between us and the idiot then has to overtake me which means I have to slow down!! Why on earth can they not just wait until you are at least a third of the way down the pool - halfway even!! Then we'd all have plenty of space to swim at our own pace!! Grrrr!!

Thanks for letting me rant! And by the way lime green trunks are gorgous as long as you give me space to enjoy them from a distance! ;) hehe!!

Iam a diver and i heard about a device that keeps shark away from you ?

a and c ...i hate when people splash even when u tell then not! ahhh its so annoying. im about to go swimming too but there are so many freaking people and lil kids that have no freaking manners. AHHH!!

I have problems swimming in cold pools?

It's definitely A. But far worse is when a long hairs from someone else's head get caught between your fingers, or when a used plaster bobs in front of your nose. And those fools who just hang on to the sides and never swim. Or possibly the ones that swim lengths under water, then pop up and scare you, then blow snot down their nose into the water.

What is the best 35mm film speed for underwater photography?

def have to be a)

Do dogs know how to swim?


Where does irragation water come from?

(a) i swim at the deep end so no one splashes over there but some idiots decide to be funny and swim horizontaly across the pool.

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