How hard is it to be a life guard?

well i am going to go 2 a life guarding class tommrow and so to learn to be a life guard. I have to swim 500 meter lap thats 20 right? Any tips on life guarding?


Do you like swim?

It's not hard if you do what you're supposed to do and if you know your stuff

500m= 10 laps in an olympic size pool (if the pool in question is very long, the most likely it's olympic) otherwise yes to 20 laps.

As for the class, pay attention to your instructor(s) and ask every question that comes across your mind (I asked what do we do if a space shuttle falls out of the sky) Remember the more you ask the better you'll be. People's lives have to potential to be in your hands.

There's not much I can say because you'll learn it anyway. If you have specific questions thoughout your course, i'd be happy to answer them.

but here are some things new guards often forget:

Use your gloves during CPR. (for sanitary reasons, you will fail your final test if you don't)

never jump in the water on a spinal injury

don't scan only the top of the water, look IN it too.

Everything is just common Sense, but we all forget the little things!

Does anyone know a good swimming workout routine for someone just getting into it?

you need to have MASSIVE JUGS and shake that @ZZ

Anyone going to World Championship Trials in august?

alwys keep in mind ur doing this to keep ppl safe

How long is 2 meters?

Is 500m 20 laps? That depends on the length of the pool.
Where are you taking your life guarding? Royal Life Saving Society? Canadian Life Guard Society? You refer to a metric pool, so I'm assuming you aren't American.
There are very strict standards set up for life guards. The lowest step in the process is the Bronze Medallion, and that gives you your basic lifeguarding skills. From there you can progress through a series of awards. The better life guards have first aid degrees as well -- some are industrial first-aiders -- and very good people management skills. A large part of life guarding is about preventing accidents, not simply dragging people out of the water if they get into trouble.
Good luck with your course.

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You'll have to check what is required to pass the certification course in your area. The test can be difficult for some people who aren't strong swimmers or don't pay attention in class. You really can't half-*** it. Life guarding in general can be easy at a small pool or can be challenging like at the ocean. Depends on what you want. Good luck.

Where can i find pics of someone falling in the pool?

The swimming test isn't too hard. It's usually 500 yards or 20 laps in the US and you might have to tread for a lap holding a brick or something. Just make sure you pay attention to the rescue techniques in the water and CPR because you get tested on that later.

Why is a meter a meter long and who decided this?

Easy really hardly any 1 drownds
i kno
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Yes, it's hard. If you haven't done a lot of swimming before 500m can be difficult, especially if there's a time restraint. I also had to tread water, swim accross the pool carrying a brick without letting my head go under water. You don't have to be very strong since people are much lighter under water. You also have to be very observent and be able to deal with kids.

When I was young, the wrinkles on my fingers were a lot worse when I went swimming.?

well, I'm 12 and i've taken My bronze star, Bronze Medallion and Cross so... it's not that hard but good luck =D

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