How many thong wearers are out there?


Has anyone everdone the alcatraz race?

According to the most recent statistics; there are:

987865432 Female Thong Users

8783556 Male Thong Users

I hope this helps.

Running question?


What's the best way to avoid goggle tan lines from swimming?

On my feet or my bum?

Swimmers out there?

me too!

Is there a list of certified dive instructor for me to chek for myself.As the shown license may be false?

Only if I have someone to wear them for...

Deck Change (pool).techniques?!?help?

To hot to wear anything today (Birmingham - England) - if u get the drift.

Why can I see better underwater?

A number very close to the number of people with vaginal infections. Not good for your health. Tends to move material from the back to the front,

Would you do this?

YES! Even tho mom thinks I am a * since i wear them! If you are talking about the *** thongs!

I need to know if my scuba diving tanks inspections are up to date , how can i tell ?

hell yer baby! only in the summer tho



Anyone going to the Stars and Stripes meet in Nashville? How big is this meet?

ewww. thongs are nasty. I saw a girl wearing a thong at our local lake and it was so gross looking. she was skinny and all and my hubby went right over and looked and laughed cuz she had hair coming out the backside, ever since there are ever more gross. makes think someone has a constant wedgie,

How can i learn to swim free style better,,, i find it very difficult (breast is easier fr me)?


Should i go to swim practice today or skip it?

no way never in my life

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