Swim Cap care?

I have a swim cap and I wasn't aware that there was a tecqnique on how to take care of a swim cap. The one that I have is all sticky and it is very hard to get on my head. Please tell me how to unstick it.or do I need to get a new cap.


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To unstick it: run it under cold running water and rub it apart. Now take a DROP of shampoo or other liquid soap and rub it all over the inside of the swim cap. Do this about once a week, or every time your cap gets sticky.

Also, after every swim, rinse it out! Don't leave it to dry flat- it's the pool chemicals that make it sticky. Make sure you put it over something to allow the inside to dry.

Hope this helps.

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it usually depends on what kind of cap you have, but i'm guessing that you have a latex cap which is the thinner caps. When they get stuck together you can poor baby powder into the cap and work it around inside the cap and you can usually get it to unstick. You can keep it from unsticking by making sure it is dry before you leave it in a locker or bag or somewhere else. I use a silicon cap and they are alot easier to take care of, and they are a bit more expensive but worth it

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Pull it apart gently and rinse out with water. Then o keep it from sticking later, put baby powder. Yours is probably latex; they pull your hair pretty bad, so maybe get silicone.

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What most people do is simple put the cap under water and fill it up on the inside. It is only sticky because the material has dried with water in between. If you put it in water it should be okay (thast is, the day you want to wear it, not when your finished). But I like to use baby powder. After I swim an event, I dry my cap with a towel and put baby powder either on the insie or outside of the cap (it really doesn't matter). The baby powder makes it soft and much easier to put on your head.
**I just don't like to get my head wet before I have to!** But really, baby powder does truley work.

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