Swimming with clothes on...?

Does anyone know if it's easier to swim above the water.. like the breaststroke and stuff.. or under the water if your wearing sweatpants and a shirt.. we have to do it for a sport soo yup :] thanks <3


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That's a tough question. Underwater because you don't have to lift wet (therefore heavier) clothes while going out of the water while swimming. But above the water so you can reduce the amount of drag caused by loose clothes, although now that I think of it if you don't wear clothes that are too big, like clothes that just fit it would be better I think to swim underwater, but I'm not a professional with that so I dunno, but that's my opinion.

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you will be much heavier and get tired faster than if you were in a bathing suit or skinny dipping

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It would be easier to swim under the water, like freestyle swimming, because in breast and butterfly, you have to drag parts of your body out of the water, or at least into positions that are less natural than that of natural swimming. This would be much more difficult, especially if you're wearing sweatpants, since they absorb water like mad, and get very heavy. But between the butterfly and breast, since a t-shirt is lighter and absorbs less water, I would choose breast. In breast, you don't nearly lift yourself out of the water as much.

If you do choose to swim underwater, then don't misunderstand me--I do not suggest trying hard to stay completely submerged in the water. This would strain your back and you would get tired anyways. So try to swim as calmly and naturally as possible, and use more of your arms than your legs.

Hope I helped!

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it is easier to swim close to the surface because when you breath you lose a lot of time so go as high as possible

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i agree with that akemi person

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As for myself, It doesn't really make a big difference whether I swim above or under the water when swimming with clothes on.


it will probably be more easier swimming below cause all ur clothes are weighing u down under. and that is weird what yall have to do. well i hoped this helps and good luck :D

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We swim with jeans, sweatshirt, and sneakers for Hell Week. If the clothes are really loose fitting, it is generally easier to swim above the water (breaststroke). If you have baggy sleaves and try to freestyle, you'll have to turn your head a lot more to breath. If the clothes are tighter fitting, it is sometimes easy to do free.

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