To find a dive buddy?

i am an advanced open water scuba dive...however it is hard to find a dive buddy. the reason for this is. it is not safe to dive alone. so where to go to find a dive buddy ...


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If you are PADI certified you can go to the My PADI option and use the buddyfinder search engine for your area. But the best I have found is to find a local dive shop you like, check out their activities and see if they have a club or are affiliated with a club. Once you get involved in the local activities you will find it easy to go diving first with groups and then with select individuals, also many dive clubs plan dive vacations and dive events such as pumpkin carving. Another option is to take a few speciality courses such as wreck diving, night diving, deep diving etc. Its been my experience that no matter where I go there is always a small group of divers who know the area and love to have another dive buddy. Keep the faith and maybe I'll dive with you too some time down the road. Good Luck

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go to your local dive store and sign up for a dive trip in your area. they should have the database with someone to fit with your dive profile. please don't get a beginner like yourself. it'll be like the blind leading the blind. but don't get anyone whose dive skills are far superior than yours (he might not like the idea of baby sitting). for your sake, practice your skills in a controlled environment; this way you don't become a burden to your buddy. keep breathing. . . .

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Other than a visit to your dive shop, check out . They have an online buddy search for almost all areas of the world. Handy if you're traveling alone and would like to pre arrange a buddy at your destination.

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Go to your local shop, try, pretty much make contact anywhere you can.

As a new diver (only been diving since the end of August), I've had tons of people willing to dive with me--even hardcore divers who are instructors that have a lot more experience than I do, and there were never any problems because of the difference in experience levels. Maybe I've just been lucky because all the divers I've buddied with just really love to dive and they sort of took me under their wing.

Good luck! Diving rocks!!

P.S. Send me an e-mail!!

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