New 18 Ft. Rd. Pool. Do I have to treat it to swimming condition in order to close it for the winter?

I just had my 18 ft. rd. pool installed 9-16. I have filled the water level in the pool to about 6 inches below the skimmer. We will not be getting in the pool this year. My question is, do I have to add all chemicals to the pool and get it to swimming condition and then add the winterizing kit chemicals and close it?


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I can give you the answer to that but I prefer that you contact your pool manufacturer and ask. That way, you get it directly from THEM in case you have any difficulties in the future, you can go back to them and make demands. Ask also about the pipes and machinery parts (how to prepare for winter).

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no, why would you if you are going to close it. You would just have to do it again in the Spring. DOn't waste your time.

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Not sure, but the best person to ask is where you got it from or a pool place.

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