How far down can a diver go before the pressure is too great?


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I work on a saturation dive vessel and with our system we can put divers down to 1000 feet in neoprene suits. In one atmosphere suits such as newt and wasp, 1000 feet is also a common limit. However the GRP Jim suit is rated to withstand dives down to 2000 feet.

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depends on what hes wearin like one of those deep sea suites.

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The deepest dive is 1027 feet. This is not a dive the any normal diver would ever dream of making. It only took the diver 12 minutes to make the decent using an air/gas mixture, but it was another 7 hours before he could surface. He went through 30 tanks of air/gas mixture. Following decompression rates he would not have been able to go up the mountains or fly for another few days.

Scuba Diving Books?

People are very resistant to presure per se. The bigger problem is gas mixture, because all gasses in air become toxic at some partial pressure and that causes manny problems. A gas mixture with only 1-2%of oxigen is enough for dives that go very deep. The deepest dive I know of was made at 500m of depht-They went down in a diving bell and then made dives to 550m. Dekompression lasted almost a month if I remember right. In a hyperbaric chamber they went even deeper to over 700m, I don't remeber the exact number. And I believe we can go even deeper.

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