Should i try out for the swim team??

I want to wear my new hot speedo!


Land or water?

Go for it. Even if you never make it to the swim team, you will have looked hot and everyone will know it. Isn't that all that really matters?

I'll ask again cuz I need it! 2weeks later is my Synchronized Swimming competion!can u help me on my solo?


What are the training requirements to become a city or county lifeguard?

lol. i think u should. ha. and show it off lol


If thats the only reason you want to ...forget it!

What are the things that seperate people in a racing pool called?

If you like swimming, and you don't think you'll make a fool of urself, go ahead.

We are considering installing a salt water system in our pool. need some response from you if you have one.?

Yes, swimming is a great sport and you can enjoy it the rest of your life.

Where are some good places to learn how to S.C.U.B.A dive in CA?

uhhh ... sure ..?

Can anyone swim a 100yrd freestyle in uinder 56seconds (revised: not 50)?

Sure...try away. But you'll have to wear the team suit if you make it.

Is swimming hard to learn?

Depends do u know how to swim??

How do i stop swim googles from fogging?

Only if your speedo is hot pink.

Where can I find supportive ONE PIECE swim suits?

yes you do that, preferably at the YMCA with the village ppl

Butterfly:awesome or horrible?

Yes. You only live once.

What type of swim suit should i wear?

u can if u really want to but i was on the swim team and i found that it got boring.

What is the best swim skin for a open water race in 60 degree water?

Well if you think your a good swimmer go for it. Sometimes you have to take chances in life. if you don't take chances you'll always be afraid to try something new so if your a good swimmer try out it doesn't hurt you to try sometimes

I need to flatten my tummy for swimming season?

You should but to join a team you should first check out your self by seeing if you know how to swim very very well. and if you do then you should join it.And you should not just join to where some of your NEW Swimming cloths

Does anyone know a source for mole skin swim trunks for men?

speedo i dont know u may get a few laughs but if it a risk ur willing to take then go ahead

Cramp from swimming?

You can just wear the speedo and not go to all the trouble of practice on the team and so on.

Going out for a sport takes lots of work and determination. If you are concerned about appearance, remember that you must also wear really retro glasses when you are swimming in training or competition. When you spend lots of time in water, your skin gets wrinkley.

Consider all this and then decide about the team.

Do you look good in the speedo? curves, etc.?

Who holds the record for furthest distance swam in open water and where did it take place?

Sure but dress for success. It's proven that by covering the body with vaseline will help you swim faster. And cut your hair to cut back on friction. Also cheat as much as possible. So just jump in wearing nothing but vaseline and a smile and flaunt your new hair-do as you devise new methods of beating the system.

Who is Lucas Zeeberg?

Not if you just want to wear the speedo, but if you really want to then defintely go for it!

I am a very strong swimmer. I can stay underwater on average of 3 to 4 min. What is your best time?

Sure why not its a good way to get into shape! I was on the swim team 2 years ago it was so much fun! Just to warn you it is hard work and if you are a slacker type dont bother then!

What would be the best swimmer out of these swimmers: ashley callus, micheal klim, Eamon sullivan & ian thorp

go for it! i have been a swimmer for 8 years and am a freshman swimmer on the varsity team. it is very fun and good exercise. but it is one of the most difficult sports in most schools.

If i go diving in 60 ft of water in lake ont. in feb. will the water be cold that deep?


Can you swim in a tank of liquid cow poo?

If the only reason you want to swim is to wear a speedo you shouldn't do it, but if you do not really enjoy swimming, you shouldn't do it. It would not be worth it. Being on a swim team can be really fun, but if you don't like swimming then it isn't worth it.

How do you try out for sports in school and like what do you have to do there to try out?

what is stopping you?

Is there any membership only swimming pools?

Swim team isn't just about the speedos and skin tight swimming suits, its about swimming competively for the enjoyment of it and for exercise. If you really want to, but let me warn you, swim team can sometimes be really hard work.

In waterPolo how many players are there.?

Yes, swimming is a great sport

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