Why do my legs feel tired easily when i tread water without my hands and without head in water?

it is one of the life-saving item u have to do.my legs feel tired easily but i see other people doing it as if nothing happen,they dont feel tired.what could be the reason why i feel tired so easily?


Is Michael Thorpe?

maybe you're not used to it? have you been swimming long? try it for a while and see what happens.

What is yuor name?

It exerts more energy to balance the upper body because water is thicker than air...
Also, ask if it is tiring from your friends, they might look OK but they might be hiding it.
If it's you whos the problem, try doing sqats, it'll strengthen your whole lower body.

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i agree with the first answer, i bet if you do it more, your body will get used to it and train itself that way you wont be as tired plus swimming is the best excersise and if you are getting dawg tired that just means that your getting an excelent work out, keep it up!

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you know, there are some techniques that can help - including my favorite the eggbeater. its used by water polo players and synchronized swimmers to stay above the water - high above the water. once you learn it is so much more efficient. maybe do some research on that. your legs move like an eggbeater, both making inward circles with your feet flexed- your body looks like its sitting down- knees bent. try it in your chair even!

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its easier to balance yourself in the water. with your arms out of the water, you have to use only your legs to support yourself. with your arms in the water, you can use those to help too. technically, you arent treading water if your head isnt above the water. what you might want to try doing is kicking your legs around the side like a frog. first kick one leg, then the other. sort of a whip-like motion. my swim coach calls these egg-beaters. its alittle easier because it pushes you out of the water, and your legs have a little time to rest inbetween kicks

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I'm a goalie for my high school team, so i know how you feel.
try something called "skulling". what you do is while youre treading you wave your hands in big motions with your palms facing down, almost like youre waving a really BIG hello to someone at the bottom of the pool, dont got to fast, just enough to help keep you up, if you do that, it will get easier, until, you can tread like evreyone else!! good LUCK!

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2.) for lifesaving I've learned another technique that is highly recommended when rescuing. = EGG BEATER.
3.) egg beater is much more effective because when you are carrying your victims they aren't bobbing up and down as you will when you tread water carrying them.
4.) egg beater, when you fully get the hang of it is EXTREMELY EASY. At first however, you'll feel as though it's more tiring than treading water, don't be tempted to go back to treading, work on the egg beater!
5.) lifeguardhome.com (very good site for lifesaving courses and info)
6.) this site will hopefully help teach you. http://www.ehow.com/how_5302_eggbeater-k...

=] Best of luck to you!
when you rescue your victim GET THEIR SHOULDERS outtaaaaaaaa the water ASAP! (for DNS) or you MAY be failing the sim right there. =] good luck!

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First find you personal bouyancy. You may not require the movement that you think.

After finding this bouyancy find the movement that suit it for you to tread water.

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