New 18 Ft. Rd. Pool. Do I have to treat it to swimming condition in order to close it for the winter?

I just had my 18 ft. rd. pool installed 9-16. I have filled the water level in the pool to about 6 inches below the skimmer. We will not be getting in the pool this year. My question is, do I have to add all chemicals to the pool and get it to swimming condition and then add the winterizing kit chemicals and close it?


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All pool manufactors have different ways of going things. We super shock our 20ft round and let it filter through 24 hours then use the winterizing chemicals and cover it . put everything away till the next season. You may want to contact where you purchased it or just call your local pool store and they should be able to let you know what to do for your area.
Hope you have lots of enjoyment next year.

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You might want to take a water sample to a pool store that offers water testing just to check the numbers. Alkalinity and pH are the most important. Depending on the numbers I might add some alkalinity increaser then winterize.

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If your climate is cold enough to "Freeze", you should float several wooden logs in it. That will prevent any possibility of expansion and damage the pool. The logs will absorb the expansion. Fire wood will do, just hose them first.

Drain the equipment and lines if possible. The lines are PVC and can burst from freezing.

Treat with chemicals and cover. You can check again during any warmer spells.

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not knowing where you live I'll just give you the advice that all public pool operators would give, act like the pool is active all year long, keep the water and the chemicals balanced, don't add that winterizing stuff, leave the pump running as well as the filter system. the chems won't cost that much when you open the pool for the next season. this doesn't apply though if you live in the fridged north, then go see the pool supply place where you get your chemicals.

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