How tall must I be to excel at swimming?

Ian Thorpe, the Torpedo, is 6'5''. Michaeld Phelps is 6'4''. I will be approximately 5'10'' if not taller. How much is enough to be an elite swimmer? Can I do it?


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Honestly, if you going to look at pure measurables shoe size, and thereby hand size would be a better determinant of you being able to be a truly elite (and by this I mean a Phelps/Thorpe level) swimmer than height, however, there is so much more than genetics to swimming. Erik Vendt is 5'10 and is a silver medalist in the 400 IM as well as a very strong distance swimmer. Long story short, tall swimmers are more hydrodynamic, but height is only one minute piece in how to become a great swimmer.

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If you're saying elite as in olympian, you might have some problems. However, that being said, what about your talent in the pool? Are you as fast as they were at your age?

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you can excel at any height
just go for it!

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Check the STATS... Of the Olympic Swimmers..!

You will find that HEIGHT... Has Nothing to do with SWIMMING!

Thanks, RR

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it doesn't matter how tall u r just how good u r at swimming

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Swimming almost has nothing to do with height. IT mostly surrounds body type, foot and arm strength, and how well an individual can retain their form. A person whose body is well toned and has good feet and arm strength will be very good at swimming. But after all, this is nothing if they can't retain a good form. For example, i am much taller than one of my friends, but he can swin to one end of the pool and back by the time i get to the other half, because he is slimmer and more well toned than i am. He is also very good at reatining his form.

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I don't think it really matters. All you have to really do is be really good at swimming, and be very well rounded with the strokes, and you will do fine. I'm a swimmer myself, and I'm about 5'3" and I am a pretty good swimmer, but I have one stroke that I love doing and two that I really stink at, so I'm not that wellrounded but you should do great, as long as you keep practicing and remember to never give up...

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height doesnt really matter. it matters how hard you practice and how bad you want it. of course you can be an elite swimmer you have to work your butt of

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You don't need to be 6' something to be a good swimmer, you just need to work hard and train. Height does help, but it is not neccesary for good swimming ability.

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