Is swimming the most complete form of exercise?

Question:So basically if you swim regularly you wont have to do anything else? Like running, weight training and cycling.

And how many long and how often should I swim to maintain optimum health?


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Swimming is much better than running because it is low impact where as running is very high impact.

Swimming is a valuable activity for physical therapy and exercise. Because it works the majority of the muscles in the body and provides both aerobic benefits and resistance benefits (as the swimmer pulls and pushes through the water), the sport is generally considered one of the most complete forms of exercise. Swimming does not strain joints and connective tissue as much as many other forms of exercise, and swimmers injure themselves at a lower rate than most other athletes. Athletes in other sports who are recovering from injuries often swim to stay in shape.

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Swimming is a great addition to a balanced work out. I swim 30 minutes 3 days a week.

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running is overall better

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I was told that many years ago, when I joined a swim club, and I have no reason to doubt it. Good swimmers tend to be fit all over, have excellent proportions, not overdeveloped in part of the body. Perhaps the best swimmers could tell you of on-land exercises they do to keep optimum, but my guess is almost all of their exercise is in the water.

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in swimming you are exercising almost all your body without putting stress on it such as running (knee injurys) or weightlifting(back injury)does.

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swimming is good... although you might always get some body strains because there is not much oxygen underwater.. but overall, it's good enough .

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Yes, if you had to choose only one form of exercise, the best would be swimming.

It exercises all major muscle groups -- as well as your cardiovascular system. And it does not create impact stresses on your joints as running does.

Three times a week for at least 30 minutes non stop would be good.

Would this really be beneficial to a competitive swimmer?

swimming is good, but you still need bone exercise to prevent osteoperosis (sp?).. You need some sort of bone weight bearing exercise.. So if you are so overweight that you cant walk, then swim till you loose a bit, then start walking. if nothing but to the sidewalk and back.. literally. then build up slowly.. cause if you dont do some sort of weight bearing on those bones, you will loose bone mass and have weak brittle bones when you age..

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I never really thought about it, but it must be high up there if it's not the #1 over all complete. It works all your muscles, good cardio. You can use ankle and wrist weights also while you swim. You can actually not just swim, but do a work out in the shallow end or edges of the pool. Talk to trainer at the gym, I'm sure they can really help you with your questions on how long and often will be best suited for you. As well as if you would need to cycle; run; or weight train. Good luck.

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just swim baby for about 15-25 mins regularly n daily.nothing else.

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Swimming CAN be the most complete form of exercise, but it really depends on how hard you workout and what you do. If you just do a few laps back and forth, that isn't going to do much of anything. If you do a minimum hour-long high energy workout, you will work every part of your body in a non-stressful manner. You won't get big muscles, like a body builder, but you will have long and lean muscles.
Five times per week is pretty standard for the fitness level you're looking at, and you'll need some pool toys, like hand paddles, and pull buoys, so you can do intensive work on different areas. You will also need to learn a few new strokes - fly, crawl, back and breast are standard. Some of the synchro strokes, sculling feet first, and dolphin swims are also helpful.

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it is really good but I dont think u can say so

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Swimming is the best form of exercise because it works all of your body. If your swimming for compuatshion, swim as long as you can. Do a lot of kickboard workouts.

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Total body workout

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