Is swimming a good workout??

im 18 and im a skinny kid, i dont know any sport at new year's resolution is to exersise and workout cuz im tired of being skinny my wholelife.i dont want to go to the gym to lift wieghts cuz im too embarass of my body and my back hurts when i lift heavy stuff.i dont play any ballgames or whatever and i dont like jogging.i may sound like a sissy but im just being honest can anyone give my any tip or opinion on swimming..i appreciate all your answers thanks


Does swimming help to loose weight?

Swimming is a great workout! It is really good for cardio, and you can build major arm muscles. Also good for core strength and for leg strength, and for endurance. Try joining an adult swim class at your local YMCA or similar place -- they have non-beginner classes (sometimes called "Masters" classes) that can help you on your technique. It's also a good way to meet people and gain more confidence!

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if you are too skinny then work out.
If you dont like lifting heavy stuff then start lifting "light" stuff until your body can handle heavy stuff in the gym.

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/i am sure it is

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Swimming is only one of three sports that works every single muscle in your body. The other two are horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

I was a competitive swimmer for 18 years, I swam through college and in a master's program for 2 years. I lifeguarded, taught swimming lessons, and coached a team. It is the most rewarding thing I've ever done besides being a mother.

Swimming is an amazing sport to take up, but it is quite difficult and requires a LOT of practice time. If you couple it with weight training, you will definitely bulk up.

Is swimming butterfly style better than free style to workout one's lower abs?

swimming is great. It gives you a complete workout and gets everything working and you can go at your own pace, do what you want to do and the best thing is that you dont get overly exhausted nor is it that painful.
You get out of the pool after a couple of hours absolutelty exhausted but you fell good and your body isnt aching that much

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it depends if you work really hard than yes it is a good workout. if you do not do your best it is not a very good workout

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Yes, swimming is an awesome workout. However, it might not give you an awesomely ripped body. I am 15, been swimming for 10 years, currently swimming varsity in high school. I must admit, I'm pretty skinny as well. Swimming is good for getting into shape, and staying in shape. It might not help you build muscle mass as well, depending on how hard you're working in the water. If you expend more carbohydrates than you intake, your muscles aren't really going to develop that well.

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