Have you ever found anything in the sea while diving?


Lifeguard chair?

yes, lots of stuff... found a speargun,intact & loaded,(off Bimini Island Bahamas) shark's teeth, boat motors, anchors,guns (including a machine gun) dive masks, dive knives, sunglasses,fishing gear, (rods&reels) tons of lures, float net balls, a cash box with what turned out to be $67.30 in dimes, (thought they were pennies untill I got'm back on the boat), a wide angle lens for a camera, and of course assorted shells, sand dollars & such... pays to keep your eyes open & focus on shapes that seem out of place... happy divin to ya !

I can't swim and I'm afraid of the lake, but I always dream I'm swimming and I like it why is that?

my hubby came across an alligator when diving .. infact it came across him we have had the odd golf balls etc

Out of naui and padi what is the better scuba course for certification?

Yes, old glass balls that the Japanese used years ago for weights on fishnets. I also have found a rusted tea kettle off the Dutch Harbor coastline down the Aleution Islands in Alaska. Interestingly, the Japanese had a base there during WWII, but was quickly defeated and had to retreat. There are still relics of their brief stay there. It's a very interesting place to visit and for searches via dives.

Do any modern-day boys believe in the idea of so-called skinny-dipping? I don't know about this.?

ok, this is a bit gross...one time i was diving and managed to swim into a large, soft turd which had presumably been "left" on the beach (it was a shore dive). this stuff went all over my mask and got sucked into my regulator too, then in my eyes, up my nose and in my mouth when i took out the reg. i thought i was just going to vomit myself to death or something. had to go to a doctor to get checked out and get antibiotics afterwards.not nice.

My son is a state swimmer, he is 9 years,weight 30 kgs , he requires energy ! what should be his DIET?

Several different items found while scuba diving: old bottles, earthenware items, brass items, the list could go on. It depends where one dives what one will find.

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