How do I teach my 11 month old baby to blow bubbles in the pool?


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um-he/she will learn it eventually.

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Don't. It's unsanitary and an form further bad habits.

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use a straw first to start.

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Just feed him something that will make him fart

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start in your bath tub
sign up for lessons at local pool

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Everyone teaches their kid to blow bubbles. This is probably one of those "show them" things. Although I think most babies figure that out on their own eventually.

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11 month old it to young to teach them to blow bubbles in the pool.

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wait tell the baby is atleast 1 yrs. old plzs put his mouth not his whole head under water but his mouth under water and tell him to bloow easy as pie thats how i learned it my moommmy said jk lollolloolololo

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He/she needs to learn some mouth movements first. You have to wait for his/her complete development before he/she acquires some skills. Until children are about two, they are very poor at giving someone a proper kiss, so basically this is the type of mouth movement required to blow bubbles

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Just wait until it gets older because what if u wasn't around and it was tryin to blow bubbles and he/she fell in

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I think 11 months is WAY too young to teach your kid how to blow bubbles...if you still want to do it, i would have a certified instructer teach him/her...or you could do one of those "mommy and me" things for kids that age.have fun and be careful!

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what i did when i was little was hum a little tune out of you nose while under water and make a game out of it show the 11 month that u are humming and then go under water whjile still humming they thinnk it is so fun ull hav him doing it in no time

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Just hold him under longer. He'll do it.

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