How do I breathe when jogging?


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Breathe in your nose, and out your mouth.

This way the air is warmed before entering your lungs so it is comfortable. Also breathing through the nose regulates the heart so you don't overwork yourself. Finally, exhaling out the mouth keeps it more moist than if you was to breathe in with your mouth, which makes your tongue very dry and uncomfortable.

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Usually through your mouth. I chew spearmint gum too. Somehow that helps my breathing. I've noticed a lot of athletes (basketball, tennis, baseball) do that too.

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To start, in and out. But really, you will get into a rhythm of breathing with the cadence of your stride, such as in for four strides, then out for four strides. Just get into a rhythm and a "zone". Relax and focus. You will do OK.

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breathe through ur nose and mouth

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I'd suggest that you inhale and exhale through your nose. However, only if you become short of breath, inhale through your nose and exhale through you mouth.

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In through the nose, out through the mouth!

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I find that my breathing always follows a pattern that is unique to me - inhale, inhale, exhale. It's hard to explain but it works for me. Having said that, you have to find what is right for you. Keep running and be aware how you breathe to remain comfortable and not panting. I bet if you look, you'll find your rhythm!

good luck!

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