Weeing in the swimming pool?

My mates son got told off for it the other day. When my mate demanded an apology as all kids do it, the man said not from the top diving board they don't. Do you think he should demand his apology??


Learn to swim?

He should have got 8 for techqnique, 9 for artistic impression, 9 for accuracy and 9 for overall performance.

What is the longest distance naked swim ever recorded?

Are you for real?!?

Eilat Dive Shops?


For scuba/snorkelling, Do I need to know swimming ?

nope..kid deserves a clout round the ear!

Best swim cap for pool use to keep bleached hair dry?

Was it from the top of the diving board? Well he could have been more discreet. No i don't think he should demand an apology.

Wat is the material of the cloth for the surfer shorts that Ocean Pacific has?

From the diving pool?! Ah where are the skills of kids in swimming pools from the mid-sixties? Apologies are in order...if merely for being an eediot!

How do i get better at swimming underwater?

an apology given by demand or forced is not an apology so it really doesn't matter.

Is it ok to swim in water with contacts?

NO.Both father and son should be banned

Math help?

He does not deserve an apology, he deserves a bill for the extra chemicals needed to clean the water and a ticket for indecent exposure..

What is simming pool alkalinity in pool?

The kid doesn't deserve an apology! The Dad is lucky he doesn't have to pay damages! Teach the boy some manners!

I need best free website for learning swimming?

Ban the kid from the pool and teach him some manners!

For anyone who plays water polo or does swimming, does your team have a hell week?

you obviously know the answer to this. Why do you want to just throw 5 points away?

Is there a swimming club in wareham?

No, the kid is a pig.

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