Do inflatable pools last?

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with those LARGE inflatable pools? Have you had problems? Does it cost a lot of $$ to fill? How do you keep the water clean? Do you buy a tarp? Chemicals? TY


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Like anything you purchase, taking proper care of it, will make it last. I've seen them last one season and I've seen them last 10. The cost of filling will depend on the method you choose to fill it. Your garden hose will be the cheapest way, but if you're on a well, that may not be an option. You don't mention the volume or your location, so I can't give any figures, other than a 3500 gallon pool in Toronto, will cost about 50 bucks to fill ( or less) and to have it trucked in is about 130 bucks. The water is kept pristine, by a combination of pump and filter, with proper water balance, weekly mainenance and vaccing the pool.
As for a winter tarp, one should be provided with the pool, if not, you'll need to purchase one.
The chemicals, you'll generally need on an ongoing basis are chlorine shock, stabilized chlorine pucks, muriactic acid, total alkalinity booster. You may on occasion, if you've let your water balance slip, need a good quality algacide ( not the cheap stuff, doesn't work) and perhaps a clarifier. How much all this will cost per season, depends on a lot of factors such as weather, bather load, pool location and your fill water. It's like your car, the more you use it and in harsher conditions, expect it to cost more to run.

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Fill it from the garden hose. I'd expect it to last 2 or 3 years tops. You can probably buy a filter and chemicals for it to keep it clean just like any pool. Read the instructions it comes with. Yes probably cover it with a tarp.

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i see them everywhere.they are $250. The ones I've seen lasted all summer and held lots of people. They did not keep covers on them, just "skimmed" out the bugs and stuff. I would think a cover would be better though. Directions come with the pool.

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They will last a couple of years. And how much the cost to fill will depend largely on the water prices in your area. Often times if you contact the water company they will give you a discount for filling a pool since it doesn't require you use the sewer. I would recommend you get either a filter or use chemicals on it. Otherwise, you will have to drain and refill it regularly which will be more expensive.

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Doesn't cost alot to fill, but they last if you do not have cats. We have on on our large in-closed porch and husband left the door open and cats got all over it.

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My niece & her husband have had the same large inflatable pool for 3 years now and it is just now going out in the trash. They fill it straight from the hose. These pools generally come with a pump and filter, but if they aren't keeping the pool clean, you add chemicals like in any pool & get like a pool net (don't know what the technical name is, but looks like a shovel kind of, has a handle and the base has netting) and scoop leaves and bugs out with it. A tarp is definitely a good idea, especially in case of stormy weather. Some of the bigger pools actually come with one. These pools, around here anyway in Nebraska, can cost you between $300-$500, but obviously they are well made.

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