Air hunrgy what is it ??


How can i swim continously without having to take breath after a while?

Air hunger is the sensation of the urge to breathe. It is usually caused by the detection of high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood by sensors in the carotid sinus and is one of the body's homeostatic mechanisms to ensure proper oxygenation. Natural chemicals in the blood such as adrenalin can also induce an urge to breathe by a separate pathway. Insufficient pulmonary minute ventilation, a sustained breath-hold, constriction of the alveoli of the lungs as in asthma or high ambient levels of carbon dioxide in the air breathed can cause air hunger resulting in a respiratory distress condition characterized by dyspnea, labored breathing or gasping. Air hunger can be very distressing and triggers strong reactions to restore breathing.

In Mammals (with the notable exception of seals) the breathing reflex is triggered by excess of carbon dioxide rather than lack of oxygen, so asphyxiation progresses in oxygen deprived environments, such as storage vessels purged with nitrogen or helium balloons, without the victim experiencing air hunger.

deep, rapid, and labored breathing caused by an increased respiratory drive due to abnormally low blood oxygen levels, as in severe heart failure or asthma.


Difficulty in breathing, often associated with lung or heart disease and resulting in shortness of breath. Also called air hunger .

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From my experience, Air Hunger is the feeling you get underwater, from holding your breath as long as you can.
As the Carbon Di-oxide builds up in your blood, you get this real bad urge to take a breath.But you can't do that underwater.
So the longer you are underwater, the more the urge to take a breath, and at some time you will...hope you are at the surface by that time, The feeling to take abreath is air Hunger.

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