Water Arobics know how??

~~~ Im just starting to do water arobice in my pool,,,would like suggestions on stomac water exercises,,,I do about 10-12 laps a day, plus leg and arm excercises,,,but need stomac excercises,,,also do you know how many calories are burned by doing laps ? ~~~


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Congratulations on starting your water aerobic exercise program! You may have already found that water provides a great environment to achieve good overall fitness.

Just like with any "out-of-water" exercise, several factors effect how many calories you will burn, how quickly you will get into shape, and how toned you will become. These factors include: how often you exercise(the frequency), how long you exercise each time, and how intensely / how hard you work out each time.

Holding in your stomach muscles while doing any water exercise will help to tone those muscles. Running in place in the water with stomach and buttocks muscles tightened creates resistence and tones.

The following website explains additional water exercises including one for the abdomen:


Number of calories burned?

The number of calories burned during water aerobics will depend on several things including a person's weight and how long they exercise. If a person weighs 135 pounds and does water aerobics for 30 minutes, they will burn approximately 122 calories.

There is a terrific website where you can select a type of exercise, then type in your weight (no one else can see it!) and the number of minutes exercised -- the website then computes the number of calories you will burn! Great motivator!

The site is: http://www.healthstatus.com/calorieburn.

You may find it helpful to keep a journal - write down each time you exercise, what exercises you did, the date/ day of the week / time of day, how long you exercised, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 of how hard you worked out in your opinion, and also, how you felt that day -- did you sleep well the night before, are you feeling particularly good, and how did you feel after exercising (example: proud of yourself!)?

In your journal, which can be a pretty lined book from a bookstore for $7-$15 or just a nice notebook from the local drug store or office supply store, consider writing down a goal at the beginning of each week. You might want to consider setting down a "prize" for yourself if you reach your goal 3 different times. It could be a rose from a local florist or the floral department of your local large grocery store or a favorite magazine or something fancier!

You might want to even consider putting a gold star on a calendar for each day you exercise and hang it in a location where you will see it every day.

Best of luck to you! Go for it!

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