Should i go out with devon or John?

devon is ok john is hot


Lakes around new haven,ct?

Dont judge on looks, because i have gone out with guys, and broken up because they just didnt seem as "hot" as before. compare thier one one funny? is one smart? or wt about romantic or caring? its important that hes not afraid to exprress his feelings for u...if u cant decide...flip a coin!

Winning a swim team meet?

devon...i like the name better

Why is swimming harder than running?

John, thats my name :)

Y dont people swim with blue whales, octopuses,otters, or even a goldfish instead of a Killer Whale?

what does this have to do with swimming?

How long can you hold your breath?'?

forget the both of them and pick me instead!

Help on swimmer's ear?

yes, you should go out with devon or john

How do I do in-water somersaults?

Well If u think that John is hot then u should go out with him. But if u think that Devon is fun to be around with and u think that he is funny and nice and just a great guy then u should go out with him!

Help MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!?

definately devon.

If you fill your lungs with 4 qt of air at a depth of 66 ft, How many qts of air will you need to exhale...?

wut exactly duz this have to do with swimming?
and u shouldn't judge on looks :D

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