When does the swimming pools usually open?


How to swim?

That depends on what you mean when do pools open. Do you mean time of day or time of year.

Generally outdoor water pools open up Memorial Day weekend. Time wise, outdoor pools open at 12:00 for the public.

If you're interested, indoor pools are generally open year round and are open almost all day.

Im 16... im in HS... im on the swim team... i just joined last year... before then i havent swam in 8 years?

I'm in Virginia Beach!

They opened almost a month ago.

How heavy are diving cylinders?

I need to know how hot it is there. The pools here (Suburbs of Chicago) opened yesterday.

What is the best way NOT to be eaten by a shark while scuba diving?

Now, Memorial Day Weekend

Is Ryland pool closed?

usually the beginning of the summer, right after school lets out :)

Can any 1 tell me what where the past records for swimming 4x100 womens freestyle medley relay?

they open here like today and this weekend.
usually around memorial day.
i'm in texas so i don't know if it's different for other places.

What would it feel like...?

When it gets hot enough, regularly enough. Same as ice cream stands.

Where should a woman pee when in a private pool?

June (around June 1) when everybody gets out for summer vacation

Running question?

right after the yellow goes away and the "babe ruths" are skimmed out!

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