Has there ever been a world class black or Asian swimmer , if not why not ?


Non Chlorine treated swimming Pools in London.?

In the recent Olympics in Athens 2004, 16 swimming events had medal winners from Asia conutries.

At the moment the Chinese swimmers are showing a lot of progress and starting to win more medals. They are definately a country to look out for in Beijing.

This is most likely to do with increased funding and focus on sports up to the Olympics and because they are doing a lot of work into getting the swimmers more streamlined and faster in the pool.

If you look at the Australien swimmers up in the Commonwealth last year, you would see they were dominating the event, as they had spent a lot of money and time on their athletes. Filming them under and over water to make sure they were not wasting any effort.

Obviously this is just the second stage, where stage 1 is screening of all kids to find the best persons to work with.

So look out for the Asian (and specially Chinese) swimmers in the future.

What's is your favorite sport and why?

I thought China was part of ASIA?

Do we sweat while swimming?

the japanees from asia.
but blacks no and will not ! I know why :
when sb is black can't keep him/her self above water and if
some blacks can It's hard for them !
I hope I help you

Can this kill me?

Not as many as Caucasian people because Swimming is quite an expensive sport. And many people in Africa aren't that well off. This is why they are good at running, because you don't have to have a pool or the special equipment.

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