Where can i go cage diving with sharks off the south coast of england?


Whats a **?

I don't think you need a cage do you on the south coast. I think down near near Portsmouth and also Dorset there are Basking sharks but they pose no threat to humans, you could cage dive in South Africa with great white sharks though.

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What? we have sharks in these waters?

Actually though, in the UK we don't have any dangerous sharks in our waters, we have a few basking sharks around the coast, mainly in Scotland, but you'd be lucky to find a shark elsewhere.

But we do have jelly fish and crabs!

Personally I don't have crabs, but you know what I mean!

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OMG! I went there this is this super place called SHarkie Tours. ASk them for cage diving. My dad did it he said it was great. I was' too afraid I hate sharks. It is located 30 degrees south of Main street it is a small shack on the beach. Or visit TourDeShark.com

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in the water it is the best place to go diving

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the south coast of england

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Im not sure, but if you find a place be sure to let me know as i want to dive with sharks to, cheers

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