How do the compositions of nitrox and breathing gas differ?

Like, is heavyer than the other? Can one be compressed more? Thanks.


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Technically what your breathing right now is Nitrox, a 79/21 mix roughly, with a bit of other things in there. Realistically in a normal size tank for scuba you will never be able to notice a weight difference between a 79/21 or a 70/30 or 90/10. They compress the same also.

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They differ in nitrogen and oxygen content. Nitrox is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in varying amounts, usually in the region of 64% nitrogen and 36% oxygen, as compared to air's 79%/21%. The higher oxygen content in nitrox means that it lasts longer than air at the same depth and your surface interval will be shorter, but also means that one cannot go as deep on nitrox, as oxygen toxicity will kick in at shallower depths for nitrox divers.

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