Workout Tips?

How do I look forward to my workouts?! I get in such ruts. I try to switch the videos up, but it doesn't help. Then I think of the prize. That doesn't help either. I am not in any sports, nor do I want to join them. And does anyone know about the new dancing witht the stars workout dvd?


Why is the pool closed?

Get away from the TV! Go outside and run or bike. Do something new and different. Take a class. Get a group of girlfriends to run or bike with.

Your environment is dragging you down because it is monotonous and you are alone. There's no excitment in that. If you are dead-set on using DVDs, try doing them in a different room or rearrange the room you are in to give you a new view.

You could also enter a race of some sort (5K or marathon or triathlon!) to give you a more tangible goal.

Good luck!

Where can I find a list of olympic size swimming pools in Texas?

I just listen to some really good music before going to do some laps at the pool or before my races. I usually like to do some Techno.. i know right techno is for nerds but it really pumps you up and gets you going. I like Sandstorm by Derude. Also a little rock does me good, such as The Killers like Smile Like You Mean It or some Motion City Soundtrack "The Future Freaks Me Out" is a good song. :) Hope that helps. Also just think of the long run and see the big picture! Good luck!

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